Dickie (aka Richard) was born in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, and this is where he studied art, later swapping pencil and brush for camera and film to study photography at Berkshire College of Art and Design, graduating in 1985. He then set up a photographic studio on his parents' farm in Henley-on-Thames, converting barns into a drive-in complex for shooting advertising commissions for many major global brands.


Richard now shoots promotional videos, TV commercials and films. 'Holding On' is Richard's first short film about a father's fight with Alzheimer's Disease was screened at many Film Festivals in 2013 to critical acclaim. Some of his short films have also have been shown at the Cannes Film Festival over the past few years. A feature length interview with a World War II Desert Rat veteran has since been completed. Richard has recently completed a 2 week shoot in Iceland, filming for Black Mountain Productions. Many films projects are in pre-production, some are with Richard and his writer/director partner Liz Madgwick Howard's  own production company 'Cupboard-Under-The-Stairs Productions'  and some are with other  production companies.  You can follow the progress of these exciting projects on the usual social media sites below.


"I love making films, it's largely a hoot!  There is also a certain energy that arises from the combined efforts of the team all striving to make their project stand out, to be the very best it can be. It is a passion that lifts you high and pushes you through all the bad times when you are tired and emotional."

Call: +44 (0) 1491 577789 | email: info@dickiepinches.com | tweet: @richardpinches